A Dish On was founded when one night while eating dinner on the couch after moving into a new apartment. Andrew was dropping his fork every time he moved on the couch or went to reach for the remote to the TV. It was that instant he realized he wish he had something to that would keep his fork in place.

Seven prototypes later and a lot of testing with different types of silverware and plates a final product was developed that fit typical dining wares. Andrew brought it to restaurants, friends, family, and department stores to test on several different kinds of flatware to ensure that it worked with what you have in your kitchen or event.

A Dish On is here to serve you and your friends and family to make sure you have the most successful event and provide a unique touch to your dining experience. A Dish On is always here to answer your questions and we'd love to hear about your experiences!

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  Person Andrew Pine
  City Santa Barbara, CA
  Zip Code 93109

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Andrew Pine


Visionary on making life simpler through new ideas and products.

Products & Services

A'Dish'On Plate Clips

Easiest way to attach your silverware to your plate securely, leaving your guests free to manage other tasks instead of the hassle of ensuring your silverware stays to the plate when eating standing up and juggling several items.